Welcome to Lappa.it

Welcome to Lappa.it


About me


I'm a italian student currently on Erasmus Exchange Program called Erasmus+ in Bucharest, Romania. I study Political Science (Bachelor Degree, 3rd year) in Teramo, in Italy (but now at University of Bucharest). I like technology, music, reading, programming, computers, running, animals, singing...

Why a website

3 reasons


  1. I can put what I want here
  2. A lot of people have a website, not only VIPs
  3. It's cool


I love fiercely, desperately life. And I believe that this fierceness, this despair will bring me to the end. I love the sun, grass, youth. The love of life has become for me a most deadly cocaine habit. I devoured my existence with an insatiable appetite. How will it all end? I ignore it (Pier Paolo Pasolini)

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